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How bad/hard is the eye poke scene? 0
All my achievements except for the librarain achievement are gone, can someone explain? 1
Anyone willing to part with their Sir Isaac Dragon Age II armor? 2
Dead Space Carry Over? 1
Difficulties do they stack? 3
Do the symbols and writing on the walls actually mean something? 1
Does any one know if you lose everything, ones you star again the game , do you have to star from zero again ? 1
Does anyone know if the plasma cutter that comes with the collectors edition is metal not plastic? 14
Does the game offer southpaw controls? 2
Does the Sample Platter achievement require you use the handcannon? 3
Glowing Unitology writing? 6
Ignition Pre Order Bonus ? 3
In what order do I need to play the 'Dead Space' series in? 2
Multiplayer still active? 2
New game + is BROOKEENNN?!!??? 1
Nicole? 1
Patches for Dead Space 2? 3
Sampler Platter achievement help what do i do ? 7
Severed: Gabe Weller's Security Suit and Patrol Seeker Rifle? 1
Should I get this Game or Viva Pinata? 2
Tank vs. Brute? 8
Vintage suit in Dead Space 2? 3
Washing machine? 3
What are the stats for all the suits (including DLC) and where can the one's in-game be found? 1
What bonus content is available for this game? 4
What is the name of the song from the multiplayer trailer? 1
Which achievements could be unlocked from multiplayer? 2
Why does PS3 Dead Space 2 score higher than 360 version? 1
Will there be downloadable suits like in the first Dead Space? 2
Zealot difficulty saves? 2

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