• Achievements

    Almost Number OneBring the Hunter down to 1 healthpoint in melee combat at the coast.10
    Body LauncherThrow an enemy into another 30 times.10
    Easter EggFind the secret easter egg.10
    Flame MasterCapture 30 fireballs with the torch.10
    Pit Champion 1Complete Pit Challenge Number 1.20
    Pit Champion 2Complete Pit Challenge Number 2.20
    Pit Champion 3Complete Pit Challenge Number 3.20
    Tower Champion 1Complete Tower Challenge Number 1.20
    Tower Champion 2Complete Tower Challenge Number 2.20
    Tower Champion 3Complete Tower Challenge Number 3.20
    Tower Champion 4Complete Tower Challenge Number 4.20
    Tower Champion 5Complete Tower Challenge Number 5.20

    Contributed By: Guard Master.