Question from smarsrich

How do I get into the Citadel Tower to see the ghost?

I can't seem to get past the gates or dragon statutes to get into the rest of the Citadel Tower. I need to get to the ghost so I can use my Dragon powers?

Accepted Answer

alwayschillen answered:

lol Its easy, you go to the only bridge, and jump to the opening to the right. Afterwards, look up that opens the next section. when you are at the dragon heads they are actually pressure plates =-) . from above you can also jump down to unlock a teleporting well thing from the broken path. took me a bit as well but since u didnt ask which gates you were having trouble with i told you all.

puzzle spoiler
Searchz thez deadz bodyz nextz timez youz getz stuckz iz onlyz sawz itz cuzz imz playingz onz az veryz largez tvz... orz thez fieryz roomz.
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