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Is this game worth the price?

I have recently discovered this game and want to know if it is worth the price to buy it or show I just rent. Thank you.

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alwayschillen answered:

yes it has its downsides. mobs are pretty difficult ect, but so far the story line isn't bad and i find it pretty entertaining. its worth more then 20 bucks (when i think of 20 bucks i think of tenchu z x-\). Its worth a decent 40, but if you want full price bayonetta and army of 2 40th day just came out today
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cmbjive answered:

IMO, no, it is not worth the full price of admission. It is very buggy and will require multiple patches to fix the game. I would say try out the demo first on Xbox Live, get a feel for the game and see if it is something you would enjoy. If it is, wait until it comes down in price to about $20 (which will probably happen very quickly). If you have a GameFly account, that's even better.
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