Question from SnakeEyes170

Where do i find all the zeppelin pieces?

Ok i think ive got the piece thats by that downed zeppelin the rodor or jet or something then i got the rudder and i dont know were the rest of the pieces are im stuck!


Razor4456 answered:

You find them on the ridges and sides of the mountains. But there is one in a tree on a small island in the middle of the water near the huge statue
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Ravenwolf72 answered:

most of the parts are in wyvern nests, I found alot just by flying around close to the nests and look for the sparkle of an item in the nest, as to how many parts are there I found over 5 and 2 of the same. I dont know if you have to fix every airship or if they had 2 of the same parts that needed to be fixed.
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