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Asked: 4 years ago

Five statues in kearas fortress?

Ive got them in i think the correct order but doesnt let me in the boss stage

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From: SS4wes 4 years ago

Statues r:

1 - Devastation
2 - (plants) L Waste R Chaos
3 - (lava) L Havoc R Mayhem

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I couldn't agree more I've tried to open the door and it won't unlock. Could someone answer this cause I've checked everyday scence the game came out.

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what are the clues you got for each statuetheres a small glitch in mine I only got 2 clues?

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Whats the name of the quest i got a pretty good site i can look it up on, its against rules to post it though

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What the statues say its all lie. So dont believe them. I'll organize what they say and what you should answer.
Example: if the statue you approach say what is in letter "B" (Im neither Chaos nor Havoc; Chaos is not in my room or Wastes.), you will answer what is at "B" (Havoc). Got it? Good luck!

Statues Speak:
A. Mayhem is not in the same room as Havoc; Devastation is in the same room as Chaos.
B. Im neither Chaos nor Havoc; Chaos is not in my room or Wastes.
C. Im in the same room as Waste; Im neither Mayhem nor Waste.
D. Im Devastation or Chaos; Waste is in the same room as Mayhem.
E. Mayhem is alone in his room; Havoc is in this room.

Your Answers:
A. Devastation
B. Havoc
C. Mayhem
D. Waste
E. Chaos

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I want to no how you dicoverd this
I tried but i couldnt

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I only got a clue from one statue the one that talks about mayhem, and havoc. Aside from this one clue I can't get any statue to talk or respond in any way. I tried using the above posts but I think the glitch prevents you from opening the door until each statue confirms your guess and tells you to verify the answers at the door. I hope this is wrong please tell me if it is, but I have been trying a while so I am just going to skip it and move on.

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