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Quest/Puzzle Help status answers
Borrowed book quest ? Open 1
Broken Chapel? Open 3
Five statues in kearas fortress? Answered 6
Having trouble completing quest "Lost Souls"? Open 2
Help opening hall of echos door!!!!? Open 1
How do I drop the yellow barrier in the sential island? Open 1
How do I find Kali? Open 1
How do i get back in to fight amdusias? Open 1
How do I get into the Citadel Tower to see the ghost? Answered 1
How do I get Needleman's password? Answered 1
How do I get out of the room with four dragons? Open 1
How do i get out of the secret passage once i have martis? Open 2
How do I get rid of the force fields in Orbas Fjords and also the fortresses? Open 1
How do I get through the poisoned room? Open 1
How do I kill the bandit ruler? Answered 3
How do I open the cellar door under the church? The one outside. Answered 1
How do I solve (Reaping the seeds)? Open 1
How do I solve (Upper Tower Gate)? Open 5
How do I solve Lost for Words quest? Open 2
How do I solve temple of doom? Open 2
How do I solve the well cave quest in high hill? Open 1
How to Enter the hall of echos? Open 1
How to get through flaming doorway in forlorn cave, sentinel island? Answered 1
I cant open the 3rd door in maxos temple(mirror room)please help ASAP im losing my mind? Answered 1
I need to know where to find the Nest Dais' s to break for the hall of echos entrance? Open 1
Im still stuck in maxos temple need to find cup to get into the mirror room? Open 2
Keara's Maze? Open 1
Quest: What's in a Name? Open 2
Question about Erlking? Open 1
Vigor Mortis glitch? Open 1
Where are the escaped creatures? Answered 1
Where are the four travellers in Orbas Fjords? Open 1
Where do i find all the zeppelin pieces? Open 2
Where do I find the key to Niberious'es storage? Open 1
Where is the crewman hermosa asks you to find? Open 1
Where is the Imp leader Svadilfari??? Answered 1
Where the hell is hermosa? Open 2
Who/where is Zixzax? Open 3
Xbox Trophies missing? Answered 1

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