Question from delgadomad27

Could you reuse the download code?

I just bought the gold edition but my brother has the first one that came out. if i use the code is it only a onetime code or could i give the same code to my brother and he could use it as well??? we both have online so i know whats needed but if i download it to my live account and he tries it will it F&%$ up his stuff because i used it? its not really that important i just wanna help the little loser out.

delgadomad27 provided additional details:

What about the ps3 version. is it the same with a code or are all the extras on the disc? just wanna know.


Wandrian answered:

No. All codes for use on Xbox Live are one use only and become invalid after being used. The individual DLC packs other than Versus Mode could be used by multiple people on the same console, but I can't say if this applies to gold edition's DLC or not. All you can really do is hope for it, sorry.
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