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How does saving work?

Can you save when you want or are there specific save locations like in Final Fantasy? Also, are there checkpoints for the platforming parts so you don't have to go back to the beginning if you fall off a ledge?

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Azrael360 answered:

The game autosaves for you in specific locations very often. The game saves in two files: "Autosave" and "Autosave Backup". The Autosave is your last save, and the Backup is your previous save before your current save. This is important, because some players have reported that at some point near the end of the game, the game could glitch and they can't continue. In case this happen to you, you can delete the file "Autosave" and the game will load the "Autosave Backup" instead, and you can repeat the actions previous to that glitch.
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