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Asked: 4 years ago

How do I solve The Fortress Gates gear puzzle?

I just can't solve it!

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Facing the wall with all the gears and stuff on it, the cranks from left to
right are Crank #1 (all by its lonesome) and Cranks #2 and #3 on the right.

1) Turn Crank #3 clockwise once.
2) Turn Crank #1 clockwise twice.
3) Turn Crank #3 clockwise once.
4) Turn Crank #1 counterclockwise twice.
5) Turn Crank #3 clockwise once.
6) Turn Crank #2 counterclockwise once.
7) Turn Crank #3 clockwise once.
8) Turn Crank #2 counterclockwise once.
9) Turn Crank #1 counterclockwise twice.
10) Turn Crank #2 counterclockwise once.
11) Turn Crank #1 clockwise once.

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