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Medal of honor or Blackops ?

Whitch 1 ? :]


Hd_226 answered:

Both can have their appeal, but as everyone always says, It's down to personal preference...

I like my CoD, but I personally don't own black-ops, but from what I can gather, it's rubbish compared to modern warfare 1 & 2. Quite a few people have said that they have sold their copies and gone back to modern warfare.

As for Medal of Honor, I like it. Yeah, the campaign is a little bit short for me, but I've had a go on multi-player, and it has a certain charm. I like a challenge, and I feel that MoH gives me that in a way that CoD doesn't. Also, MoH MP servers are kinda rubbish at the moment, a lot of people are experiencing minor/serious lag issues.

But it's like I said at the start, personal preference. CoD has the gadgets to use in battle, but MoH can require a little bit more skill. Not that I'm saying that CoD Doesn't require skill, but it requires less then MoH. So Gadgets or Skill?
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