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For Xbox 360 and PS3
Artificial Mind and Movement
505 Games

Walkthrough episodes:
Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
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Episode 7
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When you assume control of Naughty Bear, head towards the present you just
dropped, and pick it up by pressing the button on the screen. You can destroy
the present by placing it into the toilet. If you would like to do some
preliminary damage, head towards the glass and get to breaking.

The objectives listed will be as follows
[]Cross the gate to the factory.
[]Points to go
[]Optional: Destroy 1 gift

Break apart what you can in the house, and then exit. Grab the bear trap, and
head through the nearby gate. Place the trap down, in the next area, then head
through and cause havoc by destroying objects, and attacking the natives. Hide
in the grass when possible, to avoid being seen, and increase your combos.
Should one of the bears head into the boat, rush on over and take them out for
a Nauti-Cal takedown. For a Car-Nage, head to the car, and take down any bears
that happen to be inside. Once you've racked up a satisfying amount of points,
head towards the drawn bridge, and press the button prompt to release it, and
cross through.

The optional mission here is to destroy three gifts, but what you mainly have
to do is Punish Daddles, and prevent him from escaping. Hide in the grass and
slowly make your way to the clearing. When the coast is clear, quickly turn on
the fire to the grill, and try setting a trap before heading back into the
bushes to hide. It may be possible that one of the bears will be suspicious,so
you'll have to hurry either way.

Trapping enemies in the bear traps, and then scaring them yields decent combos
Attack the oncoming bears as you enter the house with Daddles. Whenever any
bear heads into the car, run on over and teach them a thing or two. Kill and
scare any bears you find near you. Scare Daddles enough and keep him in your
sights. You'll be able to complete things quickly if you can get Daddles to
kill himself. Scare him enough and he'll do so.

You'll now have to return to Naughty's house. Head towards the bridge, head
to the side path to make your escape. Now after the scene, you'll have to kill
at least one bear for the next objective to appear. There should be some
weapons nearby to take them out with. I'd prefer you'd set a trap, and then
kill the oncoming bear for a larger combo.

The optional mission here is to destroy a gift, which you can do by flushing it
down the nearby toilet. Head to the gate to get to the factory to continue.
Head out the gate and then you'll have a new set of objectives. You'll have 6
bears to kill, and are also tasked with not letting any of them escape. There's
a variety of ways in which you can take them out.

One way is to head to the ones that are suspicious first, beat them up a little
bit, and them kill them with a take down when the button prompt comes up. From
there, attack and scare any nearby bears quickly to keep the combo meter going.
When a beat tries to call for help, quickly head over there and show them the
error of their ways. Same goes for those that try to flee in vehicles. In one
of the houses lies a giant  mixer mechanism.

You can destroy it for some points. Also note that some bears try to hide.
Lockers will not help them against you. Take them out. Smash glasses
and anything else in the areas you come across as you take out the bears. The
police baton is effective here. When you've taken the bears out head to the
bridge and get across. Head on over to the final zone for the next set of
objectives for you to complete. Now you'll have to do the following
Kill 7 bears
Punish Daddles
Make sure no one escapes
And as an option feat, destroy 3 gifts.

Hide in the grass and make your approach. Light the grill again, head on to
wreak havoc. As the bears are more spaced out in this level, its best to find
a suitable object. Preferably an axe. Head on and start off by taking out a
random bear if there isn't any activity. From there, take on the bears that
either are suspicious, flee, get into cars, or try to call for help.

A few quick scares before killing the bears is recommended for some quick
points. Once the 7 bears have been taken out, head back home through the gate.

Next: you'll have a friendly challenge. Here you have to rack up points without
killing. First off, grab a gift and chuck it into the fire nearby for some 
Grab the nearby axe and head out through the gate to the factory. Crouch and
hide through the grass and be sure not to hit anyone.

Quietly, and sneakily head into one of the huts with the mixer, and then
sabotage it. You can either move around the area breaking things by way of
sabotage, and then waiting for the bears to repair them, or setting traps and
other havoc makers, then scare the bears into killing themselves.

Cross the bridge when you're able to, to head into the final zone. Crouch
through, and slowly head to the grill. Light it, and move out of the way. Slam
the head of Daddles when he investigates it. The takedowns don't count as
hitting the bears, as you might have noticed. Once done, you can quickly head
back home, or stay and destroy the optional gifts.

Now you'll have an insanity challenge. You'll have to drive at least one bear
crazy. The optional task here is to destroy 1 gift. To drive a bear crazy, head
towards them and scare them into killing themselves. Head through the gate
after driving the first bear insane to get to the next part of the mission. Set
traps or sabotage items in the area to get the bears to be a little
preoccupied. From there scare them, and make chase if they happen to flee.

Keep scaring them to get them to kill themselves. Don't let any of them escape.
The easiest way of doing this is to focus on one bear at a time. It's possible
to scare the bears through the windows of houses if they haven't noticed you.
As you can't let any of them escape, cars and boats should not be neglected if
bears are using them. Head into the final zone y crossing the bridge.

You'll now have to drive another 7 bears insane including Daddles. Set the
grill on fire, and set some traps on the ground. Either take the bears on one
by one, or head into the party area and sabotage the phone to prevent the bears
from calling for help. This should all be done while scaring the bears you come
across. Plant mines as well, to trap the bears.

Be sure to keep a lookout for any bears that try to help out their friends.
This is a great opportunity to scare the one that comes to help. Keep
sabotaging/ keeping the grill lit to gain the attention of the bears. After all
the bears have been driven insane, including Daddles, head towards your hut.

Destroy the first gift by shoving it down the toilet, and then head through the
gate. Grab some of the items along the way if you please. Now you'll have to
rack up points dressed as a police officer.

Heading through one of the houses, you'll see a bear near the fridge. If you're
quick, you'll be able to shove one it and turn him into ice. You can also hide
in the lockers and jump out to scare people. Car kills, scares, telephone
combos and traps should get your score up quick. From there, run on over to the
party. In the final zone, all you'll have to do besides the optional mission is
to punish Daddles, and not let him escape while doing so.

Light the grill and cause a little havoc with the other bears to get Daddles'
attention. Trap him, or get him to notice the grill, then go in for the kill.
I'm pleased that the last sentence rhymed. And you'll be pleased to know that
you can return home to complete the mission and the episode.


Sabotage the grill and lay down some traps to get the bears to congregate.Then
cause a little bedlam to get your score meter up. You should focus on getting
the score as high as you can first before tackling the optional task. Either
complete it before or after the main mission. After you've got enough points,
head on over and then cross the bridge.

Now you'll have a different bear to punish-Chubby. You also have to make sure
he doesn't escape. You'll have to hide under the grass to avoid the
suspiciousness of the ninja bears. Causing a little mayhem will no doubt gain
the attention of Chubby. When Chubby is done for, head back home.

Now you'll have an untouchable challenge to do. Here you have to complete the
task without getting hit. You'll have to rack up 150 000 points without getting
hit. Grab the traps on the ground, for they are helpful in this situation. Head
into the houses as well for more.

Trap a bear and then take him out there and then on the spot. Try to do so in
such a way that there's only one bear around. If there are more around, then
you'll have more trouble avoiding getting hit. Essentially target the bears
that are alone, and use the environment to take them out. Cross the bridge to
the final zone when you're done. Now you'll have to punish Chubby without
getting hit, or allowing Chubby to escape. The best way to deal with this is to
carefully sneak through the area and head into the main house.

You'll want to avoid getting the attention of the ninja bears, and Chubby as
well. In the house, you'll want to sabotage as much as you can, from stereo
systems, to pipes. When Chubby finally comes to investigate, that's your
opportunity to take him the heck out. From there, rush on home to complete the
mission unscathed.

Now you'll have a speed run challenge to do. As there isn't much time, you'll
want to go for the big combos. Stuffing a bear's head into the chest once they
investigate it, lighting the grill, then burning a bear, trap kills....these
are the things you'll want to go for.

Once you're done, don't hesitate to rush on over to the next section. Again, as
time is of the essence, you'll want to quickly head over to the gun on the
floor in the area, and gun down Chubby. When you're done, head on home and call
it a day.

Killer challenge, plain and simple. You'll have some bears to kill and it
should be pretty simple, and moderately hilarious. Grab the objects on the
ground, and light up the grill. An axe works wonders here. Head on over to the
rally once all of the bears have been taken care of.

Now you'll have a laundry list of things to do here. You'll have to take out 6
bears, Chubby, and Master Miyagi. None must escape; none must live! Okay, now
you should set a trap, and run on over to the nearest bears. If you have an axe
with you, just go to town on them until they die. Though Chubby is armed, he
tends to run more than he shoots. From then, run on over to the different parts
of the area to see if any bears are interacting with the environment.

That's the perfect opportunity to take them out for some quick kills. Once the
necessary bears are no more, head on over to base.

Now you'll have to head on over to bearville and rack up some points in top hat
mode. Again, sneaking around planting traps and igniting grills work wonders
here to rack up points when the bears take notice. There's a possibility that
some of the bears are armed with Uzis. As such, YOU MUST GET THE UZIS FROM
THEM. This is essential for looking like a badass.

Also, it's useful against Chubby. Speaking of which, when you've got enough
points, head on over to where Chubby is to take on the little bugger. Sabotage
the area, and hide to prevent gaining the attention of the ninjas. If you've
got afire arm on you, head over to Chubby and take him out quickly. When you're
done with the objectives, head through the gate and out of the area.


Take out one of the bird cams and then head out of the gate. Once there,you'll
have some points to rack up. Run around the area, and do what you do best in
any order you choose, and you should be able to rack up the points in no time.
Head across the bridge for the next set of objectives. You'll have to prevent
Cozy from feeling, as well as punish him.

Cozy has armed henchmen protecting him. You'll want to sneak around and avoid
confrontation with these guys. Cozy's your main target here, so head over to
him and fight with him if he isn't preoccupied. If you've got a gun, don't
hesitate to unoload rounds him him. If not, melee him with the various weapons
around, and if his henchmen come round, you'll want to alternate your hits
between them and Cozy to prevent them from firing at you while still attacking
Cozy. When prompted, kill Cozy with the button press for a fast death, and then
run back home.

Next up on your to do list is a killer challenge. There's a gun in one of the
houses. Grab it, and kill one of the bears. Head out the gate. You now have
nine bears to kill. A quick way to rack up some kills is to head indoors. When
the bear checks the fridge....death.

When you sabotage the equipment and assorted items....death. Then you can head
out and take care of the rest of them. There should be an abundance of melee
weapons, so you'll have to take on the enemies with what you've got if you
can't trap them. There's a mixer to sabotage in one of the houses. Again, if
you happen to see an axe, stick with it unless you get a fire arm. Even so,
though..the firearms are best used on Cozy or his henchmen.

Head to Cozy's HQ when you're done. Here, besides taking out Cozy and Colonel
Ketchup, you'll have a mandatory 8 bears to take out. Shouldn't be too much of
a problem, though you have to make sure none of them escapes. Move through the
bushes, and head over to the most populated areas. If you've got a gun, use it
on Cozy and the Colonel. If not, still try taking the two of them out first,
before tackling the other enemies. Take everyone home, and head on home.

Now you'll have an invisible challenge to do. You'll have to complete the
objectives without being seen by the other bears. Grab the firearm in the area,
and shoot the bird cam bird to proceed. Sneak through the grass, and place
traps in the area. Sabotage the phone lines, and any thing else that's close to
you, but be careful not to be seen. Quietly head indoors when the coast is
clear also, and sabotage the things inside.

When the bears go to repair the items, take the out quickly. Take your time,
and when you've got enough points, sneak out and head to Cozy's headquarters.
In the final zone, you'll have to punish Cozy without being seen. Then you can
run out and head out. In this area, it's possible to hide in the grass where
you have a good view of Cozy's place, and just take him out through firing.
Though the bears will hear the gunshots, they won't be able to know where you
are if you're well hidden. Take Cozy out in this manner, and make a silent
escape. Take out other enemies only if they impede your path.

Now you'll have a slightly easier insanity challenge to do. Move up to the
first bear, and scare him silly. From there head out and move towards the
factory. You'll have to drive nine bears crazy here.

This is best done by heading indoors and sabotaging the nearby items. Scare
them when you get the chance. From there other bears may try to escape or call
for help. That's your chance to scare them some more. Sabotage some more, and
then you should be pulling off insanity scares. Keep this up, and you'll
eventually have scared all the bears. Cross the bridge, and you'll have quite
the list of things to do.

You'll have to scare Cozy, Colonel Ketchup, and 8 other bears, while making
sure none of them escapes. Sabotage the boats, the grills, and scare people
from the windows. Set traps as well. Though it's not too difficult, it's kind
of time consuming. However, it's possible to get some nice combos in and scare
the lot of them faster than you'd have anticipated.

You'll now have a top hat challenge. Take out one of the cams to get the
initial points, then head through the gate. Sabotage the items in the area,
then rack up the points by taking out the bears. Now, once you've racked up
enough points, head to the final zone. All you have to do here is punish Cozy,
and prevent him from escaping. Take Cozy out, then head on home.


Start off by sabotaging the toilet and then leaving through the window. When
one of the zombies goes to fix it, you can head back in and take him out for
some easy points. When you've got enough, leave through the gate. Now here's
the thing, if you wait and hide into the grass, the zombies will actually rack
up points for you as they'll attack the other bears.

When the bears try to escape, THEN you can intervene, so that you can milk
whatever points you can get through the aid of the Zombears. Now you can start
to sabotage the environment, and then take out the enemies. Head to the final
zone when done. IN the next area, you'll have to punish Nibbles.

If you walk around the area and sabotage things, and cause havoc, you may
notice that the Zombears may actually kill Nibbles for you. You can try taking
out Nibbles by yourself, as either way is fine, but having the Zombears do it
is 12% more hilarious.

Next up is an untouchable challenge. As the name suggests, you mustn't get hit.
For the first segment, sneak through the grass to the dead book page and burn
it. Then head out the gate for the next part of your mission. Next hide in the
grass. The Zombears should do battle with the regular bears.

One of the parties will either be killed or will flee. That's your chance to
head over to the weakened bear, beat it up a little, then kill it when
prompted. Sneak through, and try finding another bear that's by itself. You can
use some quick 2 hit combos to slowly whittle its health down, and if you have
a fire arm, you can finish it off without getting hit.

Constantly hide, and take out any bears that are interacting with the
environment for some swift kills. The two feuding parties will rack up points
for you if you wait patiently. Head to the next section now. Now you'll have to
take out Nibbles, and make sure he doesn't escape. Not to mention you can't get
hit. Hide in the grass, and let the Zombears do their thing. Stay still and
Nibbles will automatically be killed. From there, quietly head home to complete
the mission.

Next up is a speed run challenge. You have a small time limit to take out a
bunch of dudes. As the Zombears inadvertently help you, this shouldn't be too
difficult. Grab an item, preferably a sword, and head to the first bear you
see. Attack and eventually kill him. You should have enough points to head to
the next section. Do so quickly. In the next section, quickly run to the items
on the floor, like traps, and set them. From there, sabotage some items.

Your score will slowly increase by the other bears fighting in the area. After
that, take out any trapped bears, or preoccupied bear or randomly attack ones
that are close to you. You should be able to get the required points fairly
quickly. Cross the bridge to the final area.

Now, all you'll have to do is punish Nibbles. Head through the window into his
house, and keep attacking him until the finish him prompt comes up. From there,
just head quickly back home and you should have some time to spare.

Now you'll have a killer challenge to do. Disable the toilet, and head out of
the hut. Grab a gun if you can and start shooting the bears. You can also melee
them to death. When one of the bears heads to the toilet, take him out, and any
Zombears stragglers in the area. Head to the next area when three bears have
been taken out. Head on to the next section once you're done.

Now you have 8 bears to take out without having any of them escape. You
probably have less as the others will be combating. It's worth noting that the
prescribed number of bears to kill can increase. Either way, killing all of the
bears shouldn't be a problem, so get to slaughtering. Traps help a lot, but you
should feel free to straight up attack some of the bears. Head to the final
area once done, and get ready to take care of Nibbles.

Besides Nibbles, and Colonel Ketchup, however, you'll have Oodoo and 11 other
bears to take out before you're done with this level. Again, the Zombears help
out, so it's no biggie. Traps help here too, and there should be a bunch of
them laying around. The bone weapon is effective here.

Don't let any of the bears escape. The number of bears to take out here
increases too if you aren't quick, so hurry up- start by taking out the primary
targets like Nibbles, then take out the other bears. When all the bears have
been taken out, then you can rush on back home to complete the level.

Next up, you've got a top hat challenge with a sweet new outfit to do. Destroy
the page, or take out some bears to gain enough points for clearance. Head
through the gate when you're able to. In the next area, grab some traps and set
them, and then head indoors when the coast is clear and start sabotaging
equipment. Hide from time to time to get the heat off of you. The Zombears will
help, but you should exploit the bears that go to repair things, and interact
with the environment.

When you're done, (which shouldn't take you that long) head over to Nibbles and
go teach him a lesson. All you have to do here is punish Nibbles to finish the
level and the Episode all together. You can either hide out and let the others
deal with Nibbles, or head directly to Nibbles and take him out. Head back to
HQ when you're done to complete the level.


Head towards the nearby mechanism where the trap is. Place the trap near it,
and sabotage the mechanism. Head through the area and use your creativity to
take out the B.E.A.R. Unit. When you gain enough points, head across the bridge
to the next section. Head through sabotaging things, and you'll be able to gain
enough points once you've taken a fair share of them out.

Move to the next section and in the next area, you'll have to deal with
Trembles. As he's the only target, things should be easy enough. Unfortunately
you don't have the aid of the Zombears this time around...Take Trembles out and
head back home.

You've got a speed run to do next. Light the grill and sabotage the items
indoors to start causing havoc. Attack the solitary bears with the ninja sword,
as it's very effective here. Once you get enough points, don't hesitate; get to
the gate to start the next phase. Next, waste no time and rack up the necessary
points in the time limit. Grill lighting and equipment sabotaging is the way to
go. There are some traps in the area that you can set as well.

You have no time to waste, so keep running around, looking for the most
opportune moment to strike. When done, head out. Keep heading through the areas
when you've reached the points limit, and waste no time doing so. Head on over
to Trembles when you're done and make him sorry. Head directly for him and take
him out. Then rush on home before the time is up.

Alright, a friendly challenge is up next, so you can't beat the bears to a pulp
with your bear hands. Heh...heh heh heh. Ha ha ha ha! 'Bear hands'. HURRHUMPH,
head to the nearest grill and grab the traps. Sabotage things and place traps,
as they're essentially the only way to take out the bears in this challenge.
Once you've gained enough points, head to the bridge, and towards the Disco.
There, light the next grill and set some more traps.

Make your way through to the inside of the huts to sabotage some more things,
and then punish the bears that fall for the grill trap, and try repairing the
broken equipment. Scaring bears here and there increases your point count as
well. Head to the next area when you're done.

Head through and gain the necessary point count by taking out bears through
traps or destroying things like windows or statues. Finally, you'll have to
punish Trembles without actually hitting him. Head to the grills again, and
sabotage things to get Trembles' attention. Take him out, then head out to
complete the mission.

Killer challenge. You'll have 9 bears to take out, preventing any of them from
escaping. Along with the usual sabotaging, sword slashing the enemies is also a
good way of taking them out fairly quickly. When the bears have been taken out,
cross the bridge. You'll have some more bears to take out. They shouldn't be a
problem. There's no hidden agenda here, just take them out.

Head through the gate, and take out the two bears in the small area. Head to
the final area and take out Trembles. Aside from him, though, you'll have a
number of other bears to deal with. There's a lot of bears, and E.L.I.T.E.s as
well in the area. You should take them out one by one after dealing with
Trembles. There are also traps in the area that you can use to your advantage.
Don't let anyone escape.

The final mission in this level is the top hat challenge. Head towards the
working mechanisms, and the other sabotage-able objects in the area, and get to
point racking. Try doing things in succession to rack up some sweet combos,
therefore increasing your points, and then head to the next section once you've
garnered enough of them.

Do the same thing here, and then move to the next objective. Sabotage the area
and set traps to reach the point requirement, then head to the final area. All
you have to do here is take care of Trembles for the last time. Trapping him,
then taking him out is the fastest way of doing this.


Now, surprisingly, it seems you're doing your naughty deeds for the good of the
world. Grab the hammer nearby and take out a robot bear or two for some points.
When you have enough, head out to the next zone. The closest house should be
infiltrated and the contents within should be sabotaged.

You know the rest. Once you've got enough points, head to the next section.
Here you have to punish Fluffy. IT'S SO FLUUUUUUUFYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! Kudos to the
136 people who get that reference. Take care of Fluffy, then head out.

You've got an invisible challenge next. Set a couple mines in the area without
having any of the robot bears see you. Then when the coast is clear, sabotage
some of the things indoors. Go for the kill when the enemies are preoccupied,
not at any other time, for fear of getting spotted. The optional mission is
also a way of getting points. When done sneakily head to the next section.

I recommend the optional task to gain enough points in this section. Then from
there, head on over to the other part of the mission. Sabotage, or indulge in
the optional task to rack up enough points, then quietly sneak through the
grass to the next section. Now you have to punish Fluffy without being seen. To
ease your work load, you can sabotage objects and take out any bears that go
towards them. This way there won't be many bears to see you take out Fluffy.
When you DO take out Fluffy, head on out for a quick, invisible escape.

Now you have a friendly challenge to do. Sabotage the grill, then take out the
inquisitive bear. Sabotage the other parts of the area, and then take the
robotic bears out. When you've got enough points, head through the gate. The
optional mission should give you enough points to proceed. From there, head to
the ROBO factory. In the final section, Fluffy will be your only target. As per
usual, sabotage the items in the area, then wait for Fluffy to fall for one of
them. Take him out, through that method only, or through traps and scares, then
head on out for a mission complete.

The next on the agenda is a killer challenge. Simple enough. Though any means
you wish, take out the initial 6 bears. The quickest is by scares, followed by
melee attacks, or sabotages. The crowbar is the weapon of choice here. Head
through the gate when done, and take out the two bears.

From there, head to the ROBO factory. Here you have to take out Fluffy, 11
other bears, and ROBO prime to complete the level. Sabotaging and setting traps
works well here. Setting a trap, and then leaving, waiting for help for the
trapped bear is a wise choice, because then you can take both bears out with
minimal difficulty. Take out the other bears with your sledgehammer and through
sabotaging. When all the culprits have been taken out, head on home.

The final mission in this level is a top hat challenge. You'll first have to
rack up 450 000 points. Sabotage combos are the way to go here. There's a gun
in the area you can use to take out some of the bears, but it's best saved for
later. Head back home to complete the points challenge.

The optional mission, followed by destroying the statue and taking out one bear
should suffice, points wise. Head to the next section. Now you'll have to
punish Fluffy. Do so and you'll be done with the level and episode once you
return home.


In the first section, you'll want to head indoors, and sabotage some of those
gaming devices. From there, head through the area and continue racking up the
points. Head back to your hut for the next part. The optional mission and
sabotaging the toilet should be good enough to get you through to the next
section. Set some mines and the like, as well as sabotage some of the grills
and other items.

The point count here isn't very high, so you should be able to complete this
section in no time. Head to the next section. All you'll have to do here is
punish Sunbeam. As there's no point or time count here, you can take the little
bugger out in any which way you please. You'll be done once he goes down.

The next part is a speed run challenge. Hurry towards the middle dance floor
and quickly sabotage the equipment. From there, hurry on and sabotage the other
equipment. Run through once you've got enough points, and take a bear out for
the quick points requirement. In the cabin, head through and take out the other
bears to round out the points collection.

Sabotaging the outdoor equipment is best here. Cross the bridge to the final
section once you've attained enough points. All you have to do here is punish
Sunbeam, so do so quickly before time runs out.

Next up is a killer challenge. First, take out 6 bears. This can easily be done
by using a firearm, in conjunction with crowbar slashes for quick deaths.
Sabotaging is also just as effective. In the next section you only have two
bears to kill, and you can do this easily by sabotaging the toilet and setting
a trap for the other bear. In the next section, you'll have seven bears to take
out now. Here, sabotaging is a little more effective than regular melee
attacks, though you should feel free to use melee if you want as well. Cross
the bridge to the Mother ship, and here you'll have a target, Sunbeam, and 11
bears to take out. Though it may take some time, sabotaging is the easiest way
to deal with this part of the level. Head back home when you're done to
complete the level.

You'll have an insanity challenge next. Sabotage the items in the section, and
then scare the bears silly. Be sure to also set traps, and randomly scare other
oncoming bears. Keep this up and they'll be killing themselves in no time. Head
back to your hut and sabotage your place, and set a trap.

Drive 'em nuts, then head to the next section. You'll have 7 bears to do now.
This is just 1 bear more than the first mission, so it shouldn't be much
different. Cross the bridge, and you'll have quite the list to do. Besides the
target and Sunbeam, you'll have to scare 11 other bears. You'll want to do as
much trap setting and sabotaging as possible here. This part can sometimes take
a while, but it's not all that difficult. You should be done once all of the
enemies are insane.

Now for the final level. Excited? It's a top hat challenge. Move through and
use the ever so useful grill to rack up the initial points. Then head on and
move through to the other section. Got a gun?

Move round shooting some of the bears. Got traps? You know what to do.
Otherwise, grab some melee weapons and mix up scares and attacks. Head to the
mothership once you've got enough points. Now all you'll have to do is punish
Sunbeam for the last time. This should be pretty easy, considering all you've
been through so far. Head back home when you're done. Congratulations!

Steve L.


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