Question from kylesibert

How do you get Camp Logos?

Last year in Undisputed you could use all kinds of fight camps logos, but I don't know how to unlock them this year.

kylesibert provided additional details:

Cryptic are you referring to sponsors or camps?

flaobina10 asked for clarification:

I got level 3 in 5 moves of the "team Punishment" and I did'nt get the camp logo


badger70 answered:

Im curious about this aswell.
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CrypticSoul answered:

You earn cred from winning and fighting. Then you can put them on your shirt,trunks, and cap.
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badger70 answered:

Yeah cause I have all the sponsors stuff unlocked just cant seem to get the training camp stuff to unlock. Do you have to learn a certain amount of moves from a training camp before you can unlock it?
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shoegod24 answered:

I got mine from going to camp invites and getting level 3 on a few of the skills
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fourdogsrule answered:

you hav to learn all the new moves I did and I got Wolfslair & Greg Jackson's Gym
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kenzo215 answered:

Get to level 3 for 5 skills with 1 camp
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freedhitman answered:

You get camp logos with CRED. You can get CRED by completing fights and respecting your opponent. You also get an email when you get a new logo.
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Axe_Gaijin answered:

Go to a camp for a total of 25 times tolearn a move, you don't need to actually aquire the move, it's the visits that count.
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buubuu001 answered:

I semi tested this with my career. I invited only 1 camp (Alliance Center) learning moves and also increasing my proficiency in them. It took me about 15-18 Camp Invites to get that logo. I then went to 10th Planet Ju Jitsu. Like the previous I only camp invited them until I got the logo. The second logo took me 20-25 (22 is the exact number I got down but I may have done a few more than I marked on my paper). The same as the first I learned new moves and increased my proficiency in them. Hope that helps.
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aairheart answered:

According to the developers, 25 training sessions with a single camp unlocks the logo
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pudzianrules answered:

I have the qualification for AMC Pankration and their logo
11 moves.
3 lvl 1's
4 lvl 2's
3 lvl 3's

I advise attempting the strike techniques. It took a while but you can do it in about 25 camp invites.
I will take requests on these logos so if you have any requests just mssg me. I did it mostly before getting into the UFC I expect that to have helped a bit
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pudzianrules answered:

For the PIT
10 moves
4 lvl 1's
2 lvl 2's
4 lvl 3's

I had every move to this camp but I did not acquire the logo until I brought my Sway Right to lvl 2 status
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