Question from daxter117

Gamestop(USA) preorder costume?

the only preorder costume for Gamestop was in uk will we get the the same?


MoonTaLoo answered:

Gamestop US received the Batman Animated series costume. I'm not sure what Gamestop UK received.
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hellspawnisi96 answered:

UK gets batman beyond costume and joker`s carnival challenge map
US gets animated series costume and the same map
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Tazpdl69 answered:

If you are looking to get the Batman Beyond Costume like the UK Gamestop gave out , for North America you have to redeem a point with the NOS drink website.
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gwapes9 answered:

I didnt get the animated series costume when i pre ordered just the carnival challenge map =[
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Fear_Awakens answered:

You can just get the GOTY edition, and get all of the batsuits. It has a ton of DLC on it. I'm using Beyond because every other suit looks kind of lame, but they're there if I want them.
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brawlfanboy9 answered:

Probably not
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