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Subway Tunnel Access 3 riddler trophy room?

I am on Tracking the Assassin Mission, I jumped down the hole and took out the thugs. There is a room that you use your explosive gel to get to. In the room there is a pressure pad and 3 riddler trophies. I figured out you have to stand on the pad and throw a batrang to open the cages. But then the riddler asks you "What number comes after 3 after the dark knight falls?" The answer is 2, 1. Then again the dark knight fails to ..ect. then i die. What do i need to do to survive? thanks.!

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bilbo3333 answered:

You need the Freeze Gun. When you have it you stand at the back of the room where he trophys are. When the first two jets across from each other start releasing gas you freeze them. It moves to the second set in the middle. Freeze them. Move to the front of the room and when the third set open you freeze them. He'll tell you that you failed and then the door will open and he will accuse you of cheating.
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MegaManZ3ro answered:

I haven't seen a definitive answer (or found one) but I believe the death-tip you get for dying in there says something like "Riddler designed this puzzle to be unsolveable. Batman will need ALL of his gadgets to survive".

I think you have to come back once you have every gadget and/or are fully powered up.
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spiffyman_xd answered:

Im pretty sure once you get the freeze bombs from Mr. Freeze you'll be able to do it, I havnt tried it yet but soon I will be.
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