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Asked: 3 years ago

Two questions for two side missions. Maybe spoilers?

First question is for finding the watcher guy. I've found his first place on top of the ferris wheel just outside of the Sionis steel mill, but nothing since then. Where are his other locations?

And second, (spoilers, if you wanna stay ignorant stop reading) I've beaten Freeze and lost the cure to Harley. On my way to track her down, Freeze asked me to locate his wife somewhere in a general location in Joker territory. Where, exactly, in Joker territory is she?

Additional details - 3 years ago

I am aware that it's the steel mill and the surrounding area. The problem is, it's a big surrounding area and I've got a whanging headache from looking around.

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From: pyromite 3 years ago

I found the answer to my second question. I'll close this question and make two new questions, one for Freeze's wife that I'll answer and one for that watcher guy that I still need answering.

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The other two locations that I know of are on top of the courthouse and the building across from where you take Mayor Sharp when you are interrogating him. The balconies face each other.

I haven't been far enough to answer the second part specifically (and I can't say that is much of a spoiler, it is batman after all) but I will say to check on your map and look for anything out of the ordinary. I believe Joker's territory is usually around the steel mill

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