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How do I solve the puzzle at the end of the watcher puzzle?

I found the guy all three times, and it asked solve the puzzle with the symbols. I can't figure it out.

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sibre2001 answered:

I am pretty sure the circles lined up with the locations you found the watcher at. All but one will line up, the last will be where you meet him again.
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Turtrus answered:

Fiddle around with the right-hand analog stick. You can shrink and enlarge the template as well as rotate it.
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gotiis666 answered:

GOT IT!!! The circles line up with the AR training icons on the map. You will feel your controller shake if you are getting close.
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crimsonmike001 answered:

Okay this is kinda hard to explane but bear with me... there are four hexagons with a triangle inside them , start in the middle about mid way, and match up circales, then make it lager till you feel a rumbal...hope this helps peep's let me know what yall think
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_The_Dukez_ answered:

FYI, the answer sibre2001 provided is the only one that "fits the need".
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