Question from MasterKain2053

What date in august do I visit calendar man?

When you find him down in the bottom of the municipal courthouse you save catwoman in what date in august do I visit him on? it's the only date I have left.

Byron985 asked for clarification:

I dont get the calender man mission? What do u do ?

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bobbychez answered:

There is a calendar in that room/area that indicates the date in each month you should visit him. Check that calendar and should help you.
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Big_Slippy answered:

bobbychez is right, every date you need is on that calendar. For August, it's the 16th. Feast Day of St. Roch.
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MrMarcelNL answered:

He was telling me something about a special event on Halloween night, which would be October 31st. Had to google it myself, since we don't celebrate Halloween in the Netherlands.
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Jstew72 answered:

Check the calander on the wall to the right of him, it has all the dates
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