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Asked: 3 years ago

How do I solve Deadshot clue #2?

I go to the spot on the map and cant find the clue..always says oblect too small or object obscured?

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From: KenSSF4FTW 3 years ago

The body is laying on a broken piece of overpass. If you stand at the feet of the body and go into detective mode, you'll be the bullet impact on the divider to the right of the body. The trail leads up to a crane, and there's a mount on a corner that you have to investigate.

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Are you next to the body or are you just hanging around near the icon on the map? For many missions, the icon will only tell you the general location of something. There will be a glowing circle centered on the icon on your map, and you will have to find the body somewhere in that area. Once you do find it, it's an easy manner of finding the gunshot next to the body.

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I had the same problem - found the very obvious body and nothing happened. Wander around and beat up thugs in the area and try again. Alternatively, try standing directly on top of the body and use detective vision.

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