Question from bobbyray180

Where is Mr freeze?

I am in the museum where the penguin has Mr Freeze. I have to find Freeze and save some policemen. I have saved all but two of them. Now I am stuck. Where do I go to find freeze?

Batman6588 asked for clarification:

Where exactly is the man in the glass cage


TheDybbuk answered:

I also missed the guy initially. He is to the south from the "ice lake" room. You fought the one-armed Russian there (the Sickle). See the man in a glass cage? That's Freeze. Hack two panels nearby and you're golden.
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tradingsouls answered:

I don't know how you could have missed him! (LOL) He's in the room to you're right once you enter the "ice cave" (Where the rafts are.) The last remaining policemen are held by Penguin and you need Mr. Freeze to defeat him. When you open your map (Select) and if the last two green dots (representing the policemen) are in front of you, you need to go to the passageway to your right.

Alternatively, if you've prematurely went to the lounge (where Penguin is) and have realized you can't beat him (because you haven't found Freeze yet), when you come back out of the lounge to the cave (where the shark and rafts are), Freeze will be down the left passageway across the water.

So, you'll need to commandeer a raft, grapple claw to the left side, and grapple to the railing. Follow the passageway to the end where you'll find your hostages still guarding the room as they stated they would when you were here the first time. Freeze will be to the back, right of the room. Once you approach, take action, it will cut to a cinematic scene, you'll get a "one-up" on Penguin, and then you'll be headed to the lounge to free your last two hostages, and take him out!
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halomaster1333 answered:

War room.
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brawlfanboy9 answered:

There are more guys, you probably missed them
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57Migster answered:

I am at the GCPD building, south vehicle gate, zapped it with electrical charge but it will not open enough to let me crawl under. Is there another way in? Do I have to do the phone challenge before I can go in?
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Alpha117 answered:

He's in a glass room near the one-armed Sickle mini-boss. Hack the doors to get in.
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