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Asked: 3 years ago

Where can i find the mad hatters hide out?

I need to go back and i cant remember were you come out when you beat him

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From: natenakao 3 years ago

If you're trying to find Mad Hatter's hideout after you've already finished the "Through the Looking Glass" side quest, the best way to find it is to go to the Solomon Wayne Courthouse in upper Park Row, head west from the front of the courthouse, and look for the Harvey Dent campaign headquarters, which will be on your right. (Scan it if you haven't already to solve a riddle.) Across the street from Dent's headquarters is a fence that has two neon signs above it"BAR" and "LIVE NUDES." Hop over the fence and enter the left-hand door at the bottom of the stairs.

You can also get there from where Jack Ryder is hiding. Just look for the neon "BAR" sign, and hop over the fence. Just past the dumpster on your right is the door to Mad Hatter's hideout.

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In upper park row, across from the live nude sign

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Stand in front on the Museum's main entrance, turn around. There are two street levels, the second level up, you'll finda Hat shop, that's where Hatter is at.

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As you play the game, eventually with enough story progression, you will receive a new side-mission that says that Alfred has found a cure to the TITAN. When there at the objective you will see a pod that looks kind've or exactly like the one first seen in the game when you retrieved the bat suit. Activate it and Mad Hatter will drug you and there you have it! You just have to fight his "henchman" while punching him whenever he shows himself and you beat him. He also puts this hat on you that makes you look like a Donnie Darko thing O.o.

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Go to where the cure is. then it will start

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The Mad Hatter's hideout is when Alfred calls you to say they have found the cure. Go to the roof top and open the container and you will go unconscious and wake up in a tea party.

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