Question from otakutwin

Grapnel boost take down challenge?

I have no idea how this is done. Anyone completed this?

Accepted Answer

jmann75 answered:

You need to be below a location where guards are patrolling, far enough away so that you can grapnel boost to the edge right next to a guard's position. You should automatically perform a takedown if you're still holding the boost button (A on 360). It may be worth attracting their attention to the edge (via a ledge takedown) so that you have time to drop down and boost back up while the guard lingers.
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AkridHunter answered:

get the Grapnel Boost upgrade by finishing the first set of AR training.
Then, find a guard near the edge of a rooftop who doesn't move.
Aim at him from a good distance away, hit RB to Grapnel up to him, and while grapnelling press A twice quickly.
Batman should shoot over the ledge and slam him maybe 10 feet away.
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