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Physical Callenge Help?

I've tried climbing the tallest places in the game with Catwoman but I always end up only getting 7 prompts, is there a place to get her challenge of 8?

Batman's Ariel Attack challenge - I've pulled the move off with Catwoman a few times but can't seem to get it with Batman, any pointers?


jmann75 answered:

Catwoman climb: I managed this by being almost directly under a tall building and making sure the RB prompt was high as possible before starting. There are a couple of smoke-stacks in the Industrial District that may be suitable - can't remember if I did it on them or a nearby building.

Directed Aerial Attack: The documentation isn't very helpful. The trick is to change direction and press X _immediately_ after doing the A A jump. If done correctly, Batman will run up the stunned enemy and land on somebody else. If he lands on the already stunned enemy then you're too slow.
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faduck answered:

I got the Catwoman Climb on a building in the Bowery with gargoyle statues. I stood at the base and climbed to the gargoyle and it took about 12 jumps. I tried multiple times on the smoke stacks in industrial and couldn't get it.
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Damien747 answered:

Catwoman: I got that achievement by accident. It was one of the taller buildings in Park Row. Might have been the Ace Chemical building. Just start from street level and you should get it eventually.
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brawlfanboy9 answered:

Do this under a smokestack, this will maximize the number of cat jumps
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