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I'm on the assassin's blood trail, but I can't find the bandages??

So I've just beat the Penguin now I'm tracking an assassin via her blood trail. It only goes a short distance and then it stops. It says to scan bandages to pick up the trail again....I've been looking for half an hour for the bandages, where are they at??? Help!

ViolentJ643 provided additional details:

plz help I cannot find them its very irritating I even have the strategy guide and it says the bandages are on a NE building by park row and ace chemicals. I can't find it! And the blood trail doesn't even go that far, it stops literally a few blocks away from the museum where you started


bobbychez answered:

The bandages appear on the ground at the end of the blood trail. pretty much in the center of the building the blood trail ends on.
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sleepfan answered:

Just like bobbychez says it's at the end of the blood trail. When the game tells you to scan the bandages,, they should be right on the rooftop you're standing on.
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SaberSpellSword answered:

Did you even try going into detective mode? If you're ever stuck on what to do, detective mode usually gives you the answers you need.
If your in detective mode it should automatically switch you to that extra special scan mode that you need to scan the bandages.
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DegonADios answered:

I lost the blood trail at a lamp post..and yes I am in detective mode
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brawlfanboy9 answered:

Keep looking, it can be hard to miss
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halomaster1333 answered:

I did the same thing.So i retraced my steps.
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