Question from ViolentJ643

Ra's A Ghuls tests??

I cannot grapple onto the first ice platform, i'm diving and everything, whats wrong? I was only able to do it once now I can't do it anymore. Also, how do you get past the rest of the test?


bobbychez answered:

While you glide, follow the path that the "ghost" of Ra's lays out before you to get from platform to platform. You should be able to easily get to all the platforms this way.
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waschbaerjohann answered:

Make sure you follow Ras path by gliding/diving, thats all. Once the platform gets lowered to a certain height, you cant use your grapple anymore, so you have to be quick.
The rest of his tests are a little fighting inbetween and a final challenge against Ras himself.
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canmanmtc answered:

I follow all the prompts and "helpful hints" but they dont seem to work
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canmanmtc answered:

how do i get Bats to fly up?
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brawlfanboy9 answered:

You must practice your gliding more
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halomaster1333 answered:

What i did was at the start of every challenge jump off and dive bomb then go up really fast.
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