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How do I active multiple Riddler Panels?

THere are some riddler items that have like 3 pressure panels on the floor or up on a wall of some sort, how do I activate them all?

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sleepfan answered:

Also, some of them require the line launcher and grapnel boost, but otherwise, just like pyromite says :D
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pyromite answered:

You have to touch the pads without touching any other surface. You're only option is to glide and use the grapnel boost.
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gwapes9 answered:

95% of the time if the riddler panel is black it means that you have to activate 1-2 other panels without touching any other surface between the other in order to free up the trophy. For the panels on walls means you will need to grapnel boost into the air and glide between each panel. on a side note if you want to know how many panels you have to touch look next to the riddler trophy theres lights on the ground for each panel.
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