Question from sibiga

Grapple boost 2 enemies?

I dont know how to do it?


MegaManZ3ro answered:

Try throwing a Sonic Batarang next to a tall ledge, or K.O. an enemy right in front of it. Fall down and ready your grapple. When two enemies are right in front of the ledge, grapple boost up and you'll automatically take them down when you reach the top.
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starwarsgeek721 answered:

If you look closely at your physical challenges, you'll see that there is a challenge to use a grapple boost takedown and a challenge to use a GLIDE boost attack to take out 2 enemies. I'm going to assume you need help with the glide boost one. In order to perform a glide boost attack that takes out 2 enemies you first need to have unlocked that skill under the batsuit category. Then find two enemies that are generally close to each other (they don't have to be right next to each other, just no more than about 5 feet away), find a roof or vantage point that's a good height or distance away. Once you're in position, do a glide kick at the enemy closer to you and immediately go into a dive bomb (right trigger). If you're far enough away, you should grab the enemy and throw him at the one behind him.
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