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How do I beat Ivy on New Game Plus?

I really need a good strategy.

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MegaManZ3ro answered:

Every time you climb up a level, run to a thug on the far left or right side and start attacking while he's getting out of the cocoon. If you do it right, you can knock one down and ground takedown them before the rest of the goons can run to you.

For the first few floors, be patient. There is no time limit for taking them out, so focus on striking and evading. You should be using the evade function more than the counter function by now, as it sets you up for another (hopefully) critical strike which will do more damage than a counter.

The final floor is very difficult, as Ivy's spores can be hard to dodge and do a lot of damage. Stay as close to the edge of the platform as possible, so you can have maximum reaction time to the spores and you can hopefully knock some thugs off of the platform. Spam evade once you see her flowers charging up, and you should be okay.
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Starkiller4242 answered:

Do not button mash. Ivy's goons are tougher and faster. Simply hitting x won't work. But just like batman, you have gadgets. The bolas and the caltraps are excellent for thinning out the guys running at you, allowing you to concentrate on fewer opponents. Once you get to the top level though, don't stop moving, because Ivy will shoot spores at you. If you have the upgrade that allows for critical strikes at the right moment, that will also help.
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