Question from thuggishwayze

How do I solve the riddle in the same spot as .....?

the switch point between CW n BM in the upper left corner of Industrial District?

MegaManZ3ro asked for clarification:

Can you be more specific? Is it a riddle or a trophy? What's nearby?

thuggishwayze provided additional details:

@Mega-theres a tower-like post here. up that tower is the "unusual perspective" riddle(completed). not much else to describe other than water to the north and the steel mill way to the south

@Jack-its not the falcone shipping-but thanks.

on my map screen the "[ ]" icon is in the exact spot as the catwoman switch point.

Accepted Answer

thuggishwayze answered:

it was the Fries couple-thanks anyway guys
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JackApostrophe answered:

The only one I can remember near there is on the boat. You want to scan the Falcone Shipping logo.
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