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"?" in the Restricted Area

on the map it looks like its in the bottom left corner of Wonder Tower- above the manhole- but in Wonder Tower's map its not there.

Its markable so I think its outside somewhere, but i dont know how to get that far in...

thuggishwayze provided additional details:

video showed it was the one behind the mirror on the main floor of the PC-which explains the manhole. its the one used to get out of the PC and into the Collapsed Street

Accepted Answer

Alberic913 answered:

Throw ice grenade into the water at the bottom of the area you pass through to get from Arkham City into the processing center. Jump on the ice raft and look for one of those metal hatches that you use the batclaw on. Use DM if you can't find it while on the raft. That was one of the last ones I found. Tricky.
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