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Missable Sidequests Help?

In a review I saw of the game the reviewer stated that he went straight through the story only to find out that certain sidequests can't be done after a certain point in the game.

My question is: What sidequests are missable and when and where are they activated? If the answer could be spoiler free that would be even better. Thanks.

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waschbaerjohann answered:

Yes, I am sure.
Most of the missions trigger themselfes automatically over time.
Anything you have to do to trigger the remaining few you will be able to do after the main story is completed.

About Identity Theft;
I dont remember it exactly, and I didnt check my side quest log all the time (almost never did^^), but as I recall it, it starts once you find the first location. But it doesnt really matter since

a) the message WILL be overheard. You cannot miss it since it appears (randomly or at a certain point, and that doesnt matter, too) regardless of what you do, you cannot prevent this from happening (at least while you follow the main story)

b) You can find the location anytime after the message, and since you (or better; the game) cant ignore it, the first victim WILL spawn and you WILL be able to find it, and this at least WILL trigger the mission.

Just to be clear; not only will you be able to start every side mission, you will also be able to complete them after the main story has ended.
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waschbaerjohann answered:

No sidequests are missable. You can do them all after you completed the story, and most will be triggered automatically while you play the main story missions.
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jonathan_james_ answered:

Are you 100% sure? It's just the reviewer mentions it and there are further people discussing it on the message board under the review as well. It was what lead me to ask.
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secret_reality answered:

There is one side quest that I believe won't trigger after the main game. It's a quest series called "Identity Theft". The first step in the quest is triggered when you overhear a Tyger helicopter reporting a brutal murder to Strange. Strange says to ignore it and you then have the option to investigate it yourself.

I only managed to trigger the first step. Afterwards I focused on the main story before getting back to work on all of the side quests. "Identity Theft" was the only one I couldn't make any progress on. Based on how you first pick up the quest, I'm guessing that you pick up further steps in the quest by overhearing other helicopter reports.

Hope this helps!

EDIT - Started playing again tonight and the second step in the quest became available. Oracle contacts you with information about a second body. So please disregard my earlier suggestion.
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