Question from BatWulf

How do I get past Demons Blood?

My problem is with gliding -- I can't figure out how to 'climb' during the glide. Diving is easy, RT. I pull out of the dive by pulling back on the LS. But if there's a way to climb, I haven't figured it out. I read on another site that the LT will cause a climb, but it absolutely doesn't work for me -- LT just causes the gadget to flash red as unavailable. Literally nothing I do allows me to climb even a little, and I absolutely cannot get past this level -- the platform sinks long before I can get to it. Help!

Accepted Answer

SpearXXI answered:

Just dive bomb and then pull back with the left stick. Sometimes you have to dive bomb a couple times before you get to the platform, where you just grapple to, when in range. You never have to use LT for anything while gliding...
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