Question from elfistein

Asked: 3 years ago

How i can glide after i used the grappler and how i can keep on gliding for long time?

Hi, i dowaloaded a video where batamn was gliding after he did the grapple move and kept on gliding for more than 3 minut how i can do that it is nice

Accepted Answer

From: waschbaerjohann 3 years ago

You need to get the grapnel boost first via the Augmented reality training (basic). Once you got it, you can boost your grapple under certain conditions (there cannot be anything above the edge in Batmans way, and you have to grapple from a certain distance) by pressing A two times and hold it the second time.
Batman will shoot himself over the edge and you can continue gliding by holding A the whole time.

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You can continue gliding by pressing the 'A' button I believe. It's been a few days since I played, but I believe that is what you need to hold to continue gliding.

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