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Asked: 3 years ago

How do I solve riddler radio broadcasts?

I have no idea. When i locate one of his number sequence broadcasts, i scan it but cannot decode it. I know there must be something i'm missing but i don't know

Additional details - 3 years ago

Well i'm at the part where you have to rescue the hostage from the riddler room. And that requires decoding a radio broadcast. But when i get the signal strength reasonably high and here the numbers, i hold A and it says no signal detected...

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From: waschbaerjohann 3 years ago

You are at the wrong frequency. The broadcast(s) that give a sequence of numbers have nothing to do with the Riddler, and you wont be able to decode them because they are part of a easter egg. The frequency you have to decode to get the Riddlers broadcast is normally written above the sequencer if you solved enough riddles and the last hostage gave them to you.

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You get the broadcasts from the last hostage you saved. Make sure you use the right coordinates for each line, the first being the x axis(left/right)and the second is the y axis (up/down).

Also make sure you hold A long enough for the sequencer to decode.

If you get the signal, but Riddler tells you that you nave to solve more riddles, you have to do so before attempting to decode the frequency.

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