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Asked: 3 years ago

Electrical Charge will NOT open the exit door in the Smelting Chamber... ?

I think the game is broken... It will do just fine in the opposite room to move the mine cart. But trying to get out to interrogate the joker that exit door will not open the door. It does start to shake with a charge when I shoot it, but no option comes open to open the door or even open itself. You can't get out the other door because of the guys sealing it off... am I just dumb and doing something wrong!? what to do!?

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LOL, thanks... it works

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Take your "charge kit" (SELECT IT) and start shooting with RT. Now while it swings back, push it by firing with RB. Repeat until door is open. TIP: before entering the door, wait for the crane to position himself again, then repeat the process for the opposite wall; now you can enter a room with a green and a pink riddler trophy inside. Maybe I am wrong about the RT and RB order, just try it out. Just remember to alter between RT(negative charge, should pull) and RB (positive charge, should push).

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Your welcome.
Please close this question.

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The above answer works perfectly.

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The above answer works

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