Question from orangecrushed

How do I get the trophy in the Industrial District?

I'm having trouble getting the trophy in the industrial district that you have to divebomb to light up the arrows. I have tried using the smokestacks nearby and grapnel boosting to get maximum height necessary. I can get all but three arrows to light up. Am I missing somewhere taller to start a glide from?

orangecrushed provided additional details:

MegaMan, I posted this question a long time ago but didn't answer. Your suggestion worked so thank you.


MegaManZ3ro answered:

Do you have the shockwave upgrade? The ability to send out a wave of energy if you divebomb the ground fast enough? I had to use it for all of the divebomb challenges to get all of the arrows to light up.
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brawlfanboy9 answered:

Use an riddler FAQ please
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