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Riddler Trophies?

HELP!! According to my stats, I have collected 356/400 riddler trophies and 38/40 Catwoman trophies. I cannot find anymore throughout the city and I cannot find anymore of Riddlers men to get the locations from. I need to collect 6 more to complete the Enigma Conundrum challenge. Any advice/help would be greatly appreciated of where else I can look or if I have to do anything else in other modes of the game. Thanks!

KingPoppa619 provided additional details:

Thanks but I have cleared all buildings too as well as EVERY side mission now. I did find a few more to beat the Enigma Conundrum side mission. But I still need to find the last 2 Catwoman ones to get the achievement.

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bobbychez answered:

Do no just look at the over world map, make sure you are checking inside the buildings too. If that does not help, quit out of the game and reload your save file. The Riddler's informers should reappear. Also, there are challenges to complete that count as a Riddler trophy, these do not show up on the maps and there are quite a few of them. Make sure you complete those too.
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