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Asked: 3 years ago

Where can I find Talia's Trophy?

Where can I find the Riddler Trophy or puzzle that unlocks Talia's Trophy?

Accepted Answer

From: Bionic_Lobster 3 years ago

(from my thread:

Subway Maintenance Access (just outside the Steel Mill). Go in through the big hole in the middle of the street. Head North until you reach a crossroads, and go West.
Just up ahead, you come to section where the tunnel widens, and you can drop down to a bridge. Jump down to the bridge, and climb onto the railing. Use your freeze ray to make an ice block in the water below. Glide down to the ice, and you'll see the Riddler trophy under the bridge where you entered this chamber. Grab it with the Batclaw, and grapple back up to the bridge.

And if you STILL can't find it, it's #25 on this page:

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