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How do I blow up a ceiling?

I'm in the collapsed street by Wonder City and there is a trophy in the ceiling above me with a breakable stone wall, how do I get to it?

kevinmcg provided additional details:

This one is stone and that doesn't seem to work.


kojikillem answered:

had the same prob, from where the trophy is line launch to the other side, then line launch again back to where the trophy is but u are going to wait till u get under the trophy area then line luanch in another direction i went to the right u will do kinda a flip move breaking the top boarded area then use the grapple to grab it. TAHDAH u got it, oh yeah if u dont know how to shoot another line u let go of the LT push it again and hold it it will go into a slow mo kinda thing and u will be able to point where u want to line launch again. hope this helped
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greazy_viking answered:

I had the same issue.

Just "Tag" it for now if you can (sorry, don't recall if you can "Tag" trophies through weak walls or not), and go on with the story. Later on, you will have to return to the surface via this route, and the path you take for the return trip passes through the room containing this trophy. You must spray & detonate Bat-C4 on the floor here, and you'll drop into the room where you first spotted the trophy/weak-ceiling.
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kerby316 answered:

The only way you can do this is to do the following. Go on the other end so the riddle should be over the water way on the other side far away from you, then glide over the water. When you are low enough grapnel boast and you will go through the breakable ceiling and collect your riddle.

I have collected all riddles so if you need any help just pm me.

Hope that this helps you.
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brawlfanboy9 answered:

Move something close and then destroy it. That or use the gliding slam attack
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