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Easy way to kill snipers??

I need to get to the theater where Joker is holding Talia, but it is surrounded by around 13 snipers. I manag to pick off about 2, then they start killing me. Help or strategies welcome.


kojikillem answered:

what i like to do is a silent take down on a couple if possable then run away to a spot they cant hit me then wait for it to calm down a lil get behind another do the same thing use detective mode to watch them and where they walk and how long they stand in a spot then map out who to take out first. try it let me know how it works out at kojikillem thats at aol hope this helps SNEAKY SNEAKY TIME
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greazy_viking answered:

Best way I've found is to perform a Silent Takedown on the sniper positioned at the highest elevation first, and work your way down. Before making your move on each enemy, study his movement patterns both with Detective Mode on, and off (you can't see the lasers in Detective Mode). Before moving on to the next enemy, scout your planned route of travel in both vision modes as well. Be methodical, and take your time. Good luck.
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kinnovittorio answered:

Silently pick them off one by one in order. There's like a little pattern. What I did was I silently knocked out the furthest sniper from the theater so that the other snipers won't notice. Just do this until you get to the last 2 snipers guarding on top of the theater. Glide on the platform on top of them then attack one of them. The other sniper would react then just quickly freeze him. Knock the other sniper out and then the frozen one. If ever you were caught in the process, just hide somewhere and they will stop looking for you. Good luck on defeating Clayface inside the theater. =)
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gurgledog answered:

It takes a little bit of mental work, but you can defeat all the snipers without alerting any of them. This is how I got through it. The majority of the snipers will be looking for Batman near the theater entrance or on the ground, but there are a few snipers who watching the other sniper's backs. Take those guys out first with Silent Takedowns. The only ones who I had to batarang are the two right outside the theater doors.
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SmilingLunatic answered:

It takes work and patience to take them down. You have to use silent takedown on all of them or you're screwed. I just picked off the ones that weren't aiming at one of the other guys (usually the one that's on the taller building), and proceeded to go around and across to nail the other guys.
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brawlfanboy9 answered:

Sneak around them and then get the jump on them
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bustedbrain answered:

short, right to the point. perfect answer. if brawlfanboy9's post isn't the accepted answer that closes this, I'll be surprised
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philkid3 answered:

Use the bat claw. Angle yourself so when you yank their guns away, they'll fall harmlessly to the ground. Once they're all weaponless, you can beat them senseless without any concern for noise. You have just turned the game in to easy mode.
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