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Asked: 3 years ago

Riddler combat challenges?

Okay, I only have two left. One is "Use a reverse batarang to knock down an enemy" and "Aerial attack off one stunned enemy into another." I know HOW to use the reverse batarang, but it doesn't turn around. It just hits them. I select batarang and hold RB, but it just slams them. No idea on the aerial attack. Please help!!!

Accepted Answer

From: EnergyHijack 3 years ago

In order to make the Reverse Batarang work correctly you'll need to make sure there is space behind the thug you are aiming at so the batarang has room to go behind him and turn around to hit him. You can easily get this on the rooftops of the city since there plenty of thugs out in the open.

As for the Aerial Attack, it can be slightly tricky but it's not too hard. I'm assuming you learned how to do Aerial Attacks on the shield guys by doing (B > A > A), right? Instead, add an X to the end of that but before you hit X redirect to another thug. So, essentially you'll (B > A > A > [aim away] X) which will cause you to jump off of one stunned thug and hit another.

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