Question from VioletX360mania

I can't find the watcher on ferris wheel?

I found him in all three places, but in every video I've seen, he is on the ferris wheel. But he isn't there! Please help me...


bobbychez answered:

This can sometimes be triggered by exiting a building nearby. In the case of the ferris wheel, I believe you have to leave the Joker's HQ through the front door if possible and "the watcher" should show up.
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halomaster1333 answered:

Don't know ive done the side mission [ after i beat the game] and he was right there
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brawlfanboy9 answered:

SOmetimes you have to fly away and come back
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redrobinsyum answered:

I had the same problem I found out it also matters what side of the Ferris wheel you grapple up to i don't remember what side i do remember thought not to grapple to the very top and try to use detective mode hope this helps
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