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How do I use unlocked batsuits in story mode or story mode+?

I beat story mode but I havent beat story mode+ yet. i just want to be sure if the code that you have to put in to use one of the batsuits will really work. it didnt work for story mode... will it work for story mode+? please help me.


gOwCoD4 answered:

You have to enter the batsuit code at the main menu (where you can choose to play the game, view character trophies and settings etc), and then you can choose whichever suit you want. This does not disable achievements, and only really works for Story Mode. After you complete Story Mode, you unlock Story Mode+, and when you try to enter either Story Mode or Story Mode+, it brings you to a Batsuit selection screen. If you have any available batsuits, it will let you pick them, but if you do not have any unlocked (You have to buy them, aside from one, which is free), it will skip the screen entirely and put you in the game.
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brawlfanboy9 answered:

You must input the code at the main menu
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