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Gotham Base Jumper Achievement?

I've already completed story mode and I'm working on the "Gotham Base Jumper" Achievement and i need a strategy. I try to fly around Wonder Tower but it keeps auto-grappling back to the tower. Any suggestions?


drjrf2000 answered:

Use the grapple boost to keep up in the air.
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enterthemadrox answered:

This annoyed me too but I got it by doing this.

Glide off the platform towards the church until the game pushes you up and back towards the tower. As soon as you see an RB prompt to grapple up, do so and quickly hit A twice (press once then hold) to perform your Grapnel Boost.

From here, fly to the left of the tower then turn around, Grapnel Boost again onto the same spot (that pole sticking out that you tightrope walked towards to get to the Observation Deck), glide towards the church until it pushes you back towards the tower and repeat until the achievement pops.
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brawlfanboy9 answered:

Jump from wonder tower and go towards the border and turn around, repeat this process
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