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Stuck as Catwoman HELP!?!!

Okay so I just beat te game in regular story mode. I started the part with catwoman that is right after the main story. As soon as her apartment exploded and I beat the several goons that show up, I must have hit a button because it skipped as if you hit B to skip a talking non-interactive part. As soon as it finished loading catwoman was standing on a roof and no checkpoints or missions are available on my map or on the compass. It is as if i am in free roam because i cam still go around AC, there are just no checkpoints. I am not sure what is wrong and as of now I can't play story mode unless it is the story+ format. Help PLEASE!?!?!?!?!?

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moderndarkness answered:

The game is over now you have to wander around the museum area to to get the rest of her loot that was taken by two-face and his thugs. You have to use thief vision when looking at the thugs to see if they have any of the loot and then beat them up to collect it. The game is over though except for that and any unfinished side missions.
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