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Can I get back into Wonder Tower after defeating Strange?

I missed a Riddle and an achievement in Wonder Tower. I defeated Strange. The top level of the tower blew up. Is there a way to get back in? The elevator doesn't seem to be working.

Knight1776 provided additional details:

I just figured it out. You have to use the Cryptographic Sequencer to enter the password "Obsessions" into the terminal to open the elevator, like always. Then once you're inside, get in a position where you can hack that same terminal with the Sequencer again, from inside the elevator. I had grappled up the access hatch when I discovered this. Enter "Obsessions" into the terminal again. This will close the elevator doors, and activate the terminal inside the elevator. Use the Sequencer on this terminal, and the elevator will take you up.

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halomaster1333 answered:

Yes but its very tricky look up batman arkham videos on youtube mess around a bit and there you go.
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