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Riddlers Revenge Saving?

I play Riddler's Revenge, but cannot figure out how to save my progress/accomplishments. When I come back I discover nothing has been saved. How do I save in Riddler's Revenge?


snakenamedjoe answered:

This should save automatically. You shouldn't have to do anything.

The only problems I could imagine are

1. Your storage device is not set up correctly in Game Options - check game options and make sure the storage device is set to the device you are saving on.

2. You are not understanding what exactly is saved on Riddlers Revenge. Riddlers Revenge is a series of challenges. When you complete a challenge, it should save your highest score and the highest ranking (zero to three) that you have achieved on that map. That's all that's saved. You can go back and replay the maps again and again and nothing ever changes. Your best score and ranking should be displayed on the icon for the challenge.
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brawlfanboy9 answered:

You may have a glitch, it usually saves without prompt, check your game files
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