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30 Meter glide above the water?

Ok so i have looked up this challenge online and i have tried i don't know how many times but i still only get 23.1 meters batman sinks from the rise out of the free fall too fast is anyone else having this problem cause its pissing me off

acellerman provided additional details:

Yes shortly after posting this i got it i just glided from the tall towers in the industrial district dive bombing and pulling up to stay in the air then diving low and pulling out like 2-3 times to get it i use the little "island" with the fence as a reference since that is roughly 5m high or to help others just little more then twice batman's height at 6'2" he's bout 2m tall.


treydelano answered:

I don't know if you got this yet, I used the dive bomb on the back side of the steel mill. Near the Riddler trophy where you have to use the same technique to get the trophy. There is a pipe on the building to climb to get a little extra height.
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chickey911 answered:

It can be done via the AR training from the cranes in the industial district. It will cause you to glide through a tunnel.
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