Question from SSJ3Monkey

Asked: 3 years ago

Where is Nora Fries?

I'm in the right area, but I can only find one building that I could theoretically get into, except that when I hit the button to open it, a peep hole slid open, a Joker goon looked out, and now the door shows up as locked, and I can't get it. There doesn't seem to be anything else there that would house Nora, so, where is she?

Accepted Answer

From: BritishTw8 3 years ago

there's a breakable wall on the outside of Jokers funland in the water. (near the cranes, i think)

there's a barge and two buoys next to it.

you need to create yourself a platform using the cie grenades, pull yourself over, and destroy that. she's inside there

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