Question from SundancerII

Asked: 3 years ago

Do Riddler informants respawn?

I have three trophies left in Park Row, but they are not on my map or inside buildings, so I guess I'm missing an informant. I know I knocked one unconscious once...

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From: bobbychez 3 years ago

Technically yes, the game will continue to provide you with Riddler informants until you have found all the Riddler items, but they do not necessarily respawn in the same location each time.

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They definitely do outside. However I knocked out one of them by accident in the museum and he didn't ever respawn, I've gone back a few times. I'm still getting around to go back and completely finish it off so I might yet turn out to be wrong.

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Just to amend my previous comment. The Riddler's informants respawn inside buildings as well as on the main game map.

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